Do you know how the air-drying system of a smart car wash works?


With the continuous increase in the number of cars, the market of intelligent car washing machine is also expanding, intelligent car washing machine using the internet for automatic cleaning, simple operation, efficient and fast, for the majority of car owners to address the need for car washing. 

Now on the market most of the intelligent car wash machine are installed with air-drying system, then this air-drying system is how to work? In the past, traditional car washes used large towels to dry the water stains on the car body, while the air-drying system of the intelligent car washing machine uses the huge wind force generated under high pressure to blow away the residual water on the car body surface, it basically removes 80% to 90% of the moisture that's left on the surface of the car, and if the car is exposed to the air for a few minutes, the remaining moisture disappears completely, save a lot of time and manpower. 

Now the common air drying system is mainly divided into fixed air drying system and simulated air drying system of two types, the biggest difference between the two in the turbine fan. Fixed air drying system fan is installed in a fixed place, the distance between the air outlet and the body surface is fixed. During blow-drying, the tuyere area moves to dry the body. But the fixed air drying system has a big disadvantage, is because of the blow-dryer away from the body, so the wind loss, power consumption. Simulation air drying system is based on the installation of high-performance sensor system, intelligent detection of vehicle shape, so that the nozzle with the car to maintain a certain distance, close multi-direction to the vehicle drying. It uses less energy than a fixed air drying system. 

Technology changes life, also let the intelligent car washing machine more and more clean, smart and safe!