What do you know about the air-drying system of a car wash?


The air drying system, which uses high-pressure wind to blow away most of the water droplets on the surface, greatly reduces the intensity of later operations. For example: no selection of dry items, after vehicle cleaning, you need to use two dry towels to dry surface water, and air dry item selection, dry towel wipe eight big cars, each car only takes half a minute. Through this example can be seen in the car-washing place rising labor gas drying system is an important part of automatic car-washing equipment. 

The air drying system of automatic car washing machine mainly has two types: fixed air drying system and simulated air drying system. All fans are mounted with a fixed air drying system, angled to the tuyere area.Because of the distance from the body surface, the wind power loss is very big, therefore, the drying effect is very poor. In order to solve this problem, developed countries such as European and Japanese countries have already started the drying system in the 1990s, the simulated air drying system consists of five groups of high-performance photoelectric sensor systems and a group of proximity sensor systems to detect the shape of the vehicle. The tuyere is continuously moved about 10 cm away from the vehicle through the complex drying operation of the vehicle, the air power loss of the simulated air drying system is small, usually four fans can complete more than 3.5 KW air drying operation.

In view of the high energy consumption characteristics of the fixed air drying system, it is now only applicable to the energy-rich United States, the United States automatic car washing machine is usually unattended, credit card business, static air drying system of the standard air drying system is more suitable for unattended operating system. Static air drying systems in the United States, car washers, average energy consumption of more than 80 kilowatts, most of the energy used to fix the air in China part of the manufacturer uses four fans fixed to the frame, instead of the traditional air drying system, energy consumption is only 10 kilowatts, can not achieve the drying effect. According to all relevant techniques equal to the effect of the duplicated air drying system, the energy consumption must reach 60 kw, and must be effective with the dry wax, no dry wax, must reach more than 75 kw of energy consumption. Automatic car washing simulation air drying system introduced since the mid-term of the domestic 1990s, the simulation type system is more complex than the fixed system structure, control is difficult, but after washing the old factory domestic technology, successful use in home has been widely used by many car washing machine manufacturers in various automatic cleaning equipment, the application of the principle system has been very mature, the difference only exists in each car washing equipment manufacturer's manufacturing process. 

Under the global trend of energy saving, the car wash industry association recently, in order to adapt to the global trend of energy saving, analog air drying systems will soon be used by American counterparts for unmanned car washing systems, replacing the traditional drying system.